First Post.

First post. I don’t know why it is but getting going and trying to figure out what the first post should be has been the hardest thing for me to. I told Ian that it was essential that I get an easily transportable lap top so that I could start that blog that was almost a year ago. I have talked about a blog since Edison was a baby… he is now six years old. I have so many ideas of things to write about and I talk myself out of it because of one reason or another. So…I figured a first post about nothing but me rambling my random thoughts of fear out might help.

I know that you must get through growing pains and practice to get good, so why am I holding myself back from taking the plunge and just posting. I can be a little bit of a perfectionist, but I post to social media all the time no problem. This should not be that hard and I should not be overthinking it. I’m sure all of 2 people that aren’t family will read this so why am I doing this? It’s so silly because of course it is going to suck… it’s the first post. I tell my kids all the time that you will not get better at anything unless you practice it.

So here I am. The first step in practicing how to write, and blog.

Don’t mind me, just over here overthinking.