• Update.

    One major update has been the monthly calendar. I updated that to reflect a weekly calendar.

    It has been two and a half weeks since I put our new schedule into place. In this time, we have learned that this is more than just a few more weeks of lock down. The kids will not be returning to traditional school for the remainder of the school year. Originally set to get out of school June 9th, which turned into sometime in June, which turned into the duration of the year.

    On our walk we took a pic in front of the Elementary school they will not be going back to this year.

    The schedule has been working great! The kids have clear and concise times that they can look forward to. We have not stuck to it super strictly… dinner and bed time for instance seem to be 30 minutes to an hour off.

    Another update has been “my space” cleaned and ready to use. We were quarantine schooling in the dining room but I moved everyone into the play room so that I could utilize my work space and keep the kid mess to one room. Take a look at this before and after!

    Yikes! It’s probably been this way for a few years and like this more times then it’s not…
    It’s just progress… it’s not finished but it’s significantly better.
  • Sundays Post Covid-19

    Sunday’s are our family day. Pre Covid-19 our weekdays and Saturdays were filled with running around going to all the kids’s activities. Sunday’s have been set aside for the family to have down time to recharge. Post Covid-19 everyday seems to be an opportunity to recharge that is also mixed with anxiety and grief. Keeping all this in mind today, I decided to make a special Sunday brunch. Normally we have a big breakfast on Sunday’s but I wanted to do something a little extra special today.

    Photo courtesy of my sister from our trip back in 2014

    Spring Break this past week we were supposed to go to Disneyland. Our family tradition is on the last day in the park, we go and get Mickey shaped beignets. My plan was to replicate that classic Mickey shape and that was a fail. Somehow we do not own a mickey shaped cookie cutter. How do we NOT have a Mickey mouse cookie cutter?! Excuse me, while I shop amazon for this very essential kitchen item! Because of that major fail, I still went ahead and made homemade beignets in a classic rectangle or Princess Tiana’s shape.

    The Beignets

    I used a recipe from, but we did not make a raspberry topping, instead we topped them with the traditional honey and powdered sugar.

    So delicious!

    They turned out amazing. The kids loved them. It is important now, more than ever, to still find things to look forward to. Lazy Sunday’s and tasty beignets, and time with the kids. My hope in this time of uncertainty is that the kids look back at these memories and remember the special things. Yea, we were not able to go to Disneyland but, mom tried to make it as special as she could regardless.

  • Obligatory Quarantine Schedule Post

    I literally have no excuse of being “too busy” to post. So I figured I would post about what we are currently doing in our house to keep things as normal as possible, when nothing is at all normal. I am a person that thrives on structure and schedule, and it’s no surprise my children are the same way. A schedule for Ian is less necessary. When I think about it, I think he appreciates the fact that I have one available for the kids. At any given moment he can look at the schedule and see where we are all at. He tends to tune all of us out when he works.

    Our first week of “Homeschooling”

    I have heard the argument that in these times we need to let the kids just be kids and not worry about a schedule or homeschooling… That is not how we roll in this house. Let me say before I get comments about this, I am in NO WAY saying that this is for everyone, this is just what works for our family. I have been a stay at home mom for the past 13 years. In this uncertain time for everyone, this feels like my moment to shine. I finally get to utilize all those skills I have been honing all this time. Scheduling, teaching the kids, being creative, all things I’ve utilized in one way or the other and now I will rely on these skills more than I ever had to keep the peace in the house.

    Basic Tips and/ or Ideas

    Before I reveal what we do in our house, here are the tips that I would offer to any family:

    • Lay ground rules. Work within the family rules you already have in place.
    • Get your whole house involved. This way everyone feels like they have a say in how the days will look.
    • Keep things flexible.
    • But also stick to your principles when necessary.
    • Give yourself and your family patience and grace.
    • Just like any habit, give it time and if nothing else stay persistent!

    New Routines/ New Normals

    The kids are starting their online learning for school this week so it is the perfect time to start a new schedule. This week I revamped the family calendar, as well as, our new daily routine. Our family calendar two weeks ago, when this all started, was literally nothing but dates and a count down to going back to work and school. As this has progressed the finish line seems to be getting pushed further and further back. Everyone in our circle has had time to adjust. I am able to add normal activities to the schedule. Music lessons, gymnastics, and cheer classes are all offered digitally. Things seem more normal now.

    We are a bilingual family so April, is Abril
    Screen time is only given to those that get all their work done

    This new normal schedule is a modified version of our normal schedule. The faster things are done, the more free time the kids have. Our family culture has always been that way. It may seem like everything is planned minute to minute but I can assure you there is still plenty of free time. This may not work for every family but this is what we do. My hope is that it helps someone in one way or another. Lets all appreciate this time we all have together.

  • Pumpkin Patch Memories
    The Pumpkin Patch 2019

    Every year on the first Saturday of October we make our way to the Pumpkin Patch. Our house actually kicks off the “Start of fall” the first week of September. We want to get our pumpkins as soon as the patches open.

    My mom, and my sisters family join our Hurst group and we venture off on a 30 minute drive to The Pumpkin Patch. Traditionally we hit up St. Helens, Oregon, where The Halloween Town movies were filmed. This year, my kids opted to go shopping with grandma. I was completely okay with this idea, as I was still recovering from surgery.

    Cam and Drix
    My two olds…
    I miss the days when my teen actually liked her siblings and taking pictures

    Ian did not grow up with too many traditions. I had a few. Our family seems to have a lot of them. As the extended family grows it is fun to see them grow with their cousin to share those memories. This is one tradition that I hope the kids will keep with us as they grow up and start their own families.

    A look back…

    The Patch 2017
  • First Post.
    First post. I don’t know why it is but getting going and trying to figure out what the first post should be has been the hardest thing for me to. I told Ian that it was essential that I get an easily transportable lap top so that I could start that blog that was almost a year ago. I have talked about a blog since Edison was a baby… he is now six years old. I have so many ideas of things to write about and I talk myself out of it because of one reason or another. So…I figured a first post about nothing but me rambling my random thoughts of fear out might help. I know that you must get through growing pains and practice to get good, so why am I holding myself back from taking the plunge and just posting. I can be a little bit of a perfectionist, but I post to social media all the time no problem. This should not be that hard and I should not be overthinking it. I’m sure all of 2 people that aren’t family will read this so why am I doing this? It’s so silly because of course it is going to suck… it’s the first post. I tell my kids all the time that you will not get better at anything unless you practice it. So here I am. The first step in practicing how to write, and blog.

    Don’t mind me, just over here overthinking.