Easy Dinner (Meat) Prep

I have mentioned before that I use a service called 5 dinners 1 hour. Through that service I’ve not only prepped the dinners with their recipes but other dinners as well. Before covid-19 the prep would also involve sauces stored in the refrigerator and chopping veggies to have ready for cook day. Since I have more time, meat prep is primarily what we do now. We typically buy our meat in bulk partly because we have a big family and use a lot of meat in one meal, and the other is because it typically is more cost effective. I figure out what recipes we will be using for the week or two week period then Ian will prep, in this case, chicken. I get the bags ready and add in the other ingredients.

Materials used:

  • Sandwich baggy holder (Available on Amazon)
  • Ziploc Gallon Freezer Bags
  • Sharpie
  • Chicken (Meat)
  • recipes

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