One major update has been the monthly calendar. I updated that to reflect a weekly calendar.

It has been two and a half weeks since I put our new schedule into place. In this time, we have learned that this is more than just a few more weeks of lock down. The kids will not be returning to traditional school for the remainder of the school year. Originally set to get out of school June 9th, which turned into sometime in June, which turned into the duration of the year.

On our walk we took a pic in front of the Elementary school they will not be going back to this year.

The schedule has been working great! The kids have clear and concise times that they can look forward to. We have not stuck to it super strictly… dinner and bed time for instance seem to be 30 minutes to an hour off.

Another update has been “my space” cleaned and ready to use. We were quarantine schooling in the dining room but I moved everyone into the play room so that I could utilize my work space and keep the kid mess to one room. Take a look at this before and after!

Yikes! It’s probably been this way for a few years and like this more times then it’s not…
It’s just progress… it’s not finished but it’s significantly better.

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