Pumpkin Patch Memories

The Pumpkin Patch 2019

Every year on the first Saturday of October we make our way to the Pumpkin Patch. Our house actually kicks off the “Start of fall” the first week of September. We want to get our pumpkins as soon as the patches open.

My mom, and my sisters family join our Hurst group and we venture off on a 30 minute drive to The Pumpkin Patch. Traditionally we hit up St. Helens, Oregon, where The Halloween Town movies were filmed. This year, my kids opted to go shopping with grandma. I was completely okay with this idea, as I was still recovering from surgery.

Cam and Drix
My two olds…
I miss the days when my teen actually liked her siblings and taking pictures

Ian did not grow up with too many traditions. I had a few. Our family seems to have a lot of them. As the extended family grows it is fun to see them grow with their cousin to share those memories. This is one tradition that I hope the kids will keep with us as they grow up and start their own families.

A look back…

The Patch 2017

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