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Full Disclosure I started this post back in September… Then I went to the hospital unexpectedly and so my October goals will have a slow start or modified all together.

Your schedule and your spending describe what you really love in life.

Mike Murdock

I’m a paper planner person. 18 months ago I got a massive planner that was customized and I thought it was the best thing ever… that was until I found out about Happy Planners. Customization in a different way, and I thought I had died and gone to organization heaven! Not only is this planner amazing, but I can be creative and feel like I have my life together.

I bought a medium sized planner along with a budget expansion pack and a TON of cute stickers that I’ve kind of gone crazy with. I’m seriously so in love. My hope is that I will feel inclined to keep to the budget and save money if I can make it “fun” with stickers and filling out all the little boxes they provide for you.

My husband currently works a full time job in the daytime and a part time job in the evening. The main reason has been to pay for our health insurance and to pay for college while he was getting his MA. We have an opportunity to get cheaper health insurance with his full time job meaning he can cut his hours to a normal amount of work and be home with us in the evening. This will also mean that we will be losing between $800-$1000/ month while paying a little for our health insurance. So starting in the month of October I’ll be tracking our spending more closely to see how or if this is something that we can make work. My goal is to put 100% of the part time income in savings.

I schedule pretty much every part of my life and it’s time that the finances get scheduled out as well! Wish me luck!

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